5 things NC State students are thankful for

5 things NC State students are thankful for

N.C. State students have a lot to be thankful for. Here are 5 things that all N.C. State students are lucky to have as part of their college experience.

Classes may feel overwhelming with every test and project professors try to fit in before finals, but N.C. State students know to value their school this Thanksgiving. Going to a prestigious university is a great honor. In addition to attending the 38th top public school in the country with a rocking football team, students have many reasons to be thankful for attending N.C. State.


Lime Bikes on campus. Photo by Amanda Reza.

Tuition may be expensive, but being a student does have its perks. For students in engineering or design, you can access software programs like the SolidWorks or Adobe’s Creative Cloud. Laptops with charging cords are available for rent at the D.H. Hill library. N.C. State students can also rent out cameras and virtual reality head sets, and they have access to a 3D printing machine at on-campus libraries. Students have access to renting board game and video games at Talley in addition to various Wiis on campus. Lime bikes are available throughout campus for students in need of a temporary bike or lifelong meme. These are only a few of the many benefits N.C. State students can indulge in.

Many different clubs

It is a common cliche that college is a time to explore, whether it is through club sports, dance crews, or even a club dedicated to watching Disney movies. No matter who you are, there is a niche available for just about everyone. Students have over 700 opportunities to try new things with over 700 clubs available. Have a unique interest? N.C. State supports students starting new clubs, too.

Quirky traditions

Free Expression Tunnel. Photo by Amanda Reza.

At N.C. State, there tons of quirky traditions you can partake in. You can channel your inner artist by painting the free expression tunnel. Love food and exercise? You can run the Krispy Kreme challenge and eat a dozen donuts, all for a good cause. Show your school spirit by getting your picture with Mr. and Mrs. Wuf. If you cannot think of something to do on campus, look no further than “The Brick” for more interesting activities.

Free food, shirts and swag

It is hard not to spot a tent or table giving away something somewhere on campus. By simply answering survey questions or listening to promotions, students can win free stuff. Packapalooza, RecFest, and Campus Connections are 3 events N.C. State hosts for students to get more involved and to get more free shirts, pens, and candy. Sometimes clubs and on-campus presentations will provide free pizza or dinner for those who attend. Checking your emails is also another great way to find out about more freebies.

Modern facilities

Talley. Photo by Amanda Reza.

Talley, the student union, is the heart of campus that provides students with the bookstore, restaurants, lounging areas, study areas and many offices. Recently renovated in 2015, Talley is a symbol of the university. Known as the “library of the future,” Hunt is home to bookBot, a robotic book retriever, and many unique chair designs. Carmichael gym has many amenities, including a 50-meter Olympic-sized pool, an indoor track, equipment checkout and many different rooms designated for different kinds of fitness activities.

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