Here’s a guide to the dorms for freshmen at NC State

Here’s a guide to the dorms for freshmen at NC State

Suite style? How far from Talley? Here's what you need to know about living in the dorms on campus during your freshman year at N.C. State.

Above: Alexander Residence Hall. Photo from @wearenext on Instagram.

Freshman year can be tough with all the changes you are experiencing. One of the most notable is that you are going to move from living with your family to (most likely) living with a roommate in a new room.

Here, we break down some of the physical and social amenities in each dorm.

A glossary of terms:
Talley: Talley Student Union. We show you how far you’d walk to get to Talley from each dorm.
Suite style: A few rooms (usually four or five) share one bathroom. Some suites also have a common area.
Hall style: All the rooms on the hall share one or two bathrooms.

Alexander: 1-minute walk to Talley

Alexander is the international village. Most of the exchange students find their way to this hall. It is the only wet dorm (aka you can have alcohol) on campus. For that reason, it’s probably one of the most social on campus.

Turlington: 1-minute walk to Talley

The Arts Village is housed here, so there is always some event in the basement, like coloring days or open mic nights.

Tucker and Owen: 2-minute walk to Talley

These two are essentially the same inside and out, with relatively large rooms. Mostly freshmen live here, so they’re some of the more social dorms on campus. These are a great place to live for your start at N.C. State because there are many opportunities to make friends.

Bragaw: 7-minute walk to Talley

Bragaw is usually sophomores. It has a suite-style layout with relatively large rooms and one bathroom to 4-5 rooms. It has a nice open area leading up to it, and each suite leads to the outside. Along with this, it’s right next to Fountain Dining Hall.

Lee: 8-minute walk to Talley

Home to the Women in Science and Engineering Village, Lee is a tower with suite-style rooms. Similar to Bragaw, each suite shares a bathroom and the rooms lead to the outside. It’s also right near Fountain Dining Hall.

Sullivan: 8-minute walk to Talley

Sullivan has the same layout as Lee Hall and is actually right next door. Sullivan is home to the Scholars Village, so it’s a good option for people coming into the program to meet other scholars!

Bowen, Carroll and Metcalf: 5-minute walk to Talley

Nicknamed the tri-towers, each of these halls is centrally located. The rooms are more on the small side (compared to other on-campus housing), but each is suite-style, making it easy for students to make friends during their time there.

Wood: 12-minute walk to Talley

Wood is a great option for those who want to get away from the hustle of main campus. It is nestled in a wooded area on Avent Ferry Road and has suite-style rooms where students share a bathroom.

Avent Ferry: 20-minute walk to Talley

Avent Ferry is a hall with some of on-campus housing’s biggest rooms. It is located on the other side of Western Boulevard from campus, but it is still a walkable distance.

North and Watuga: 20-minute walk to Talley

Located on Hillsborough Street on Main Campus, each of these halls has relatively large rooms. It also has a nice walk to classes and is especially convenient if a lot of your classes are in SAS, Park Shops or Tompkins.


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