These are Duke’s best non-library study spots

These are Duke’s best non-library study spots

If you're tired of studying at Duke's libraries, try one of our five favorite spots. We've picked both noisy and quiet spots for you.

Above: When the weather is nice, this open lawn in Duke Gardens is the perfect study spot. Photo by Alex Johnson.

Tired of spending all of your time studying at Lilly or Perkins? Trying changing your study atmosphere with these other popular study spots on campus.

The Mary Lou Williams Center for Black Culture: Every Wednesday night from 9:30 p.m. until 12:30 a.m. they have an event called Jazz @. Especially if you find that you work well to music, then make sure to swing by to get some late night midweek studying in while listening to some excellent jazz!

Wellness Center: If you love studying where there is a quiet, peaceful vibe, then head to Duke’s Wellness Center. While the Meditation Garden is currently under construction, there are many cozy seats inside and often someone playing the grand piano in the background while you work.

Marketplace/Brodhead Center: For those who study best when surrounded by people, grab some food from these eateries and stick around for awhile to get work done. They provide a cafe-like atmosphere and are perfect for those who are more social. Marketplace is best around lunch when there are fewer students there. The Brodhead Center, located on West Campus, has a neat outside seating area next to Au Bon Pain for when you want the same study atmosphere and the weather is nice.

Common Rooms: There are few better ways for meeting new people than studying in the common rooms of the dorms. If you’re a freshman, this is how you can make new friends! Depending on the dorm, the atmosphere ranges from silent to full of laughter and chatter. The best part of studying here, however, is the collaborative nature of it. Odds are that you can find someone in a different section of your class to study with if you choose!

Outside: On days where the weather is nice, take a blanket and head over to Duke Gardens to get your work done. The view is amazing, and it is sure to provide a sense of serenity in your life even while you’re stressing about midterms. For those of us who are too lazy to make the hike, then simply head outside and study on the swinging benches located all over Duke’s campus. This is one of the healthiest and best changes of scenery after being cooped up in a classroom for the day.

Alex Johnson

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