Here’s where to find Duke’s best vegetarian and vegan food

Here’s where to find Duke’s best vegetarian and vegan food

For those of us who are vegetarian or vegan, we've found some of the best dishes to order and places to eat on Duke's campus.

Above: Located in the Brodhead Center, Sprout is a solely vegetarian and vegan eatery at Duke University. Photo by Alex Johnson.

Having decided to go vegetarian earlier this month, I discovered right away that I had to work a little harder to find foods that I enjoyed and could eat.

Most of the eateries on campus have vegetarian options, so don’t limit yourself to just your go-to meal. Also, Duke University’s Student Affairs’ website posts the daily menus for all of the eateries on campus, so make sure to check it out before trying out a new place! Here is a list of some of my favorite vegetarian dishes and eateries that I have found at Duke University; be sure to check them out and comment what you think!

SPROUT: Located in the Brodhead Center, this eatery is comprised solely of vegan and vegetarian options! With a diverse array of dishes such as spinach lasagne, falafels, and quinoa, this tends to be the go-to for any vegetarian or vegan student.

The Loop: One of my absolute favorite vegetarian dishes is their black bean burger. Paired with some fries and a chocolate milkshake, it is hard to go wrong here.

Il Forno: With options to design your own pizza and pasta dishes, Il Forno provides myriad options for the vegetarian Italian food lovers among us. My personal favorite? The vegetarian fettuccine alfredo.

Gyotaku: For those who are pescatarian, this is an awesome sushi place to check out. Even for those who can’t eat meat, they have veggie rolls that are sure to please.

Tandoor: With an emphasis on making authentic Indian food, Tandoor offers vegetarian lunch and dinner specials with multiple dishes to choose from (and for a cheaper price).

Divinity Cafe: While this eatery does promote its various vegetarian and vegan options, the highlight is its grilled cheese without which an article on Duke dining would be incomplete. If you ask Duke students what their favorite food is on campus, many would point to the perfection that is the Divinity Cafe’s grilled cheese. Plus, they sell Locopops. It is definitely worth taking the time to check this place out.

Marketplace: For first-years who have to eat most of their meals at Marketplace, the options are pretty limited to vegetarians. When eating here, I always start with Harvest, the vegan and vegetarian section. The section is small, but they some excellent dishes sometimes, such as their chili. For days when the options are more limited, check out the salad bar. Try combining ingredients here with something like rice from Stix & Steam to mix it up a little.

Alex Johnson

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