Cafés and coffee shops to visit near NC State

Cafés and coffee shops to visit near NC State

Whether you get your energy boost from tea or coffee (or don’t like caffeine at all!), here some must-visit cafés on and around NC State’s campus

Above, an iced vanilla latte is a great choice at Liquid State. Photo by Sara Darwish.

Whether you get your energy boost from tea or coffee (or want a non-caffeinated beverage), here are some must-visit cafés on and around N.C. State’s campus, along with some of our favorite menu items.

Cup A Joe

3100 Hillsborough St.

2109 Avent Ferry Road

The coffeehouse has a slew of specials for each weekday, with themes like Fusion Friday and Wired Wednesday. I love Cup A Joe’s undying love for everything WKNC, NC State’s student-run radio station!

Personal Favorite: Thai Tea with Whipped Cream

Global Village Organic Coffee

2428 Hillsborough St.

Located right under Mitch’s Tavern, Global Village puts an emphasis on serving fair-trade, organic coffee.

Personal Favorite: Brewed Organic Coffee

Liquid State

An iced vanilla latte from Liquid State. Photo by Sara Darwish.

Liquid State

1908 Hillsborough St.

Serving a menu of traditional café drinks, as well as a selection of beers, wines and other alcoholic beverages, Liquid State is an ideal place for studying or just hanging out with friends.

Personal Favorite: Vegan Peanut Butter Brownie

Jubala Village Coffee

2100 Hillsborough St.

This is the perfect place to spend a sunny afternoon, with plenty of outdoor seating and a great view of the Bell Tower.

Personal Favorite: Toffee Cookie

Port City Java

See a full list of NCSU locations here.

With locations all over campus, this coffee shop is by far the most convenient for NC State students on this list. Students can also use a meal swipe or dining dollars at PCJ, making it a great place to go if you’re running low on cash.

Personal Favorite: Healthy Harvest Muffin


Talley Student Union

With deals on the Starbucks app and promotions such as Frappy Hour (it ends Sunday!), Starbucks is great if you’re trying to save money. Fun fact: Starbucks has Spotify playlists they use at their locations with some pretty good music!

Personal Favorite: Midnight Mint Mocha Frappuccino

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  • […] This could be the perfect opportunity to learn more about the various coffee shops around campus and pick one out as your study spot for the future. Because there are fewer people in need of a table at a coffee shop to study, you won’t feel bad if you spend a lengthy amount of time on your laptop in a nearby cafe. (See some of our top coffee shop picks here.) […]


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