• Top 3 Cheap Spring Break Destinations

    Top 3 Cheap Spring Break Destinations0

    1. Myrtle Beach Beach destinations don’t have to break the bank: This South Carolina shore town offers an affordable way to experience the sun and sand. And depending on your location, you can save on airfare by driving there. Once you arrive, you’ll find plenty of moderately priced hotels and vacation rentals. 2. Daytona Though

  • 3 cheap spring break getaways0

    1. Daytona Beach The thrill of escape never gets old. As a kid, it meant ditching chores for wheelies around the ‘hood. In college, it meant skipping statistics class for an early start on the weekend. In midlife career mode (and at considerably greater expense), it means shedding a drab winter for someplace warm, tasty,

  • Will cutting campuses cut costs?4

    William C. Friday, the highly respected former University of North Carolina president, must be spinning in his grave. Few subjects were closer to Friday’s heart than keeping the 17-campus UNC system affordable to the residents of North Carolina. He knew that North Carolina was not a rich state – and that the university system represented