• 3 cheap spring break getaways0

    1. Daytona Beach The thrill of escape never gets old. As a kid, it meant ditching chores for wheelies around the ‘hood. In college, it meant skipping statistics class for an early start on the weekend. In midlife career mode (and at considerably greater expense), it means shedding a drab winter for someplace warm, tasty,

  • Will cutting campuses cut costs?4

    William C. Friday, the highly respected former University of North Carolina president, must be spinning in his grave. Few subjects were closer to Friday’s heart than keeping the 17-campus UNC system affordable to the residents of North Carolina. He knew that North Carolina was not a rich state – and that the university system represented

  • Debt will run high without financial aid0

    Thousands of North Carolina families may be in for a rude surprise as financial aid award letters start arriving this month. If colleges don’t change their overall budgeting practices, financial aid won’t go as far this year as last. The same will happen next year and every year thereafter. The UNC Board of Governors, led

  • How to Pay for College

    How to Pay for College26

    Ben Kittner over at the College Foundation of North Carolina e-mailed me this week to say September was College Savings Month. I’m thinking that might surprise friends who just sent their kids off to college. I’m sure they might see it more like kiss-my-savings-goodbye month. But Kittner says a lot of folks actually start their

  • $7.25 not enough

    $7.25 not enough0

    Striking fast food workers (front row, from left) Krystal Patterson, of Durham, who works at a McDonald’s, Jesseia Jackson, of Durham, who works at Biscuitville, April Lee, of Durham, who works at Burger King, and Ashley Wesley, of Raleigh, who works at McDonald’s sit down in the middle of Morgan Street in front of a

  • Want to make more than minimum wage?0

    As a national debate rages about raising the minimum wage, a handful of Triangle restaurants have voluntarily decided to pay their employees more. Earlier this month, more than half a dozen Durham restaurants joined a voluntary campaign to raise pay to $12.33 per hour from the $7.25-an-hour federal minimum wage and $2.13 an hour for