• How to Pay for College

    How to Pay for College26

    Ben Kittner over at the College Foundation of North Carolina e-mailed me this week to say September was College Savings Month. I’m thinking that might surprise friends who just sent their kids off to college. I’m sure they might see it more like kiss-my-savings-goodbye month. But Kittner says a lot of folks actually start their

  • Tuition hike approved0

    N.C. State University’s trustees voted unanimously Friday to recommend hiking tuition by 3 percent in each of the next two years for all students except undergraduates from out of state, whose tuition would increase by 6 percent a year. That means undergraduate students from North Carolina would pay $6,407 in tuition by fall of 2016,

  • Don’t default on those loans0

    The default rate on federal student loans is 13.7 percent, according to the latest data, released on Wednesday. That’s down slightly from a year ago, when it was 14.7 percent. Education Secretary said while the drop is good news, the default rate is “still too high.” Federal student loans make up the vast majority of