Hey fam, here’s how to talk like a college kid

Hey fam, here’s how to talk like a college kid

UNC professor Connie Eble compiles student slang every year. The result is a hilarious list that will be familiar to anyone on a college campus.

Above, this is what the kids would call a “meme.”

Bruh, you finna be dead AF when you treat yo’ self to this dank list of the most lit slang at UNC.

If that sentence didn’t make much sense to you, don’t worry. You just need to consult UNC professor Connie Eble’s annual list of campus slang.

Eble teaches in the English and comparative literature department. Every year she collects the most popular words and phrases from her students. The most common submission by far was LIT with 38 submissions. Next up were EXTRA and FAM. Then SAVAGE, SLAY, TURNT, LOWKEY, AF, and SHIP.

The result is a hilarious dictionary-esque list of slang that will be familiar to anyone on a college campus. Below are some highlights from fall 2016, the most recent list.

AT ME NEXT TIME  —  response to a covert insult. Girl: “Some people in the group project aren’t contributing as much as others …” Guy: “At me next time!”

BASIC  —  unoriginal, uninteresting, following popular trends . “We went on a few dates, but she was so basic. She didn’t even have an opinion on this election.  All I know is that she likes pumpkin spice lattes and Uggs.”  Mainstream white female: “Everything Sarah owns is monogrammed — so basic.”  Said almost entirely of white females.  Also AIRHEAD, BASIC BITCH.

B. T. DUBSby the way. “Your mom called, b.t. dubs.”

CAKE  —  large, curvaceous buttocks. “Tiffany has cake.”

DEVIL’S LETTUCE  —  marijuana. Also POT, WEED.

DIE  —  laugh hysterically. “Bob was dying after seeing his brother fall down drunk.”

DOPE  —  good, admirable, impressive. “These chili cheese fries are so dope.” “I went to the music festival in Austin. Dope!”  Also AWESOMESAUCE, DANK, RAD.

DORMCEST  —  dormitory + incest. romantic relationship between residents of the same residence hall. “Granville dormcest is on the rise.”

EXTRA  — excessive, overly dramatic. “She drinks a pumpkin spice latte every day — she is so extra.”;  “Why do you have to get your hair and nails done before a date? That is so extra.”  Said of the behavior of females usually.

FEELS  —  feelings. emotions. “They’re so cute together.  I can’t handle the feels.”

FIRE  —  amazing, extraordinarily good. “Your mixtape was fire.” “That girl’s makeup is straight fire — I wonder how long that took.”  Highly potent marijuana. “We smoking some fire — Blueberry Jack.”

FOOD BABY  —  bloated stomach after overeating.

GHOST  — cease all forms of communication, usually suddenly and inexplicably. “George ghosted Margaret after he learned that she rode horses.”

GRANOLA  —  showing concern for the environment by  liberal political views and by using natural products and health foods. “Kim is so granola. She buys only products that are organically grown by local farmers and is a practicing vegan.”

HELLA  —  extremely. “I’m hella tired.” “I’m hella ready for break.” “Those cupcakes look hella good.”

HYPE  —  exciting, fun, highly energetic. “The Drake concert last night was so hype.” Also LIT.

I CAN’T EVEN  —  I cannot handle a situation or express my emotions about it:
Guy: “Did you hear that Sebastian Stan will get his own movie?”  Girl: “OMG! I can’t even!”

INSTA  —  Instagram. social media website. “OMG. Did you see what she posted on insta last night?”

LITERALLY  —  with exaggeration, figuratively.  “It is literally a million degrees outside!”

MEAN MUG  —  facial expression of anger or displeasure. “Keith gave his boss a mean mug for not giving him a break.”

MEME  —  image shared on social media, often for humorous effect.

NETFLIX AND CHILL  —  engage in sexual activities under the pretense of watching television or a movie. “We could stay in tonight, order a pizza, maybe Netflix and chill.”

ON FLEEK  — perfect, flawless.  “Her outfit and hair are on fleek.” Also ON POINT.

PREGAME  — smaller party before a larger party or event. “We’ll have a pregame at my house before Sarah’s birthday party.”  Begin drinking in anticipation of a later social event. “We’re going to pregame before Jack’s party around 10 p.m.”

PUPPER  —  puppy. From an internet meme.

RAIL  —  take in a powdery substance through the nose. “John crushed all his Adderall and railed it before the exam.”

R.N.  —  right now. “I’m hungry af r.n.”  Seldom spoken but common in internet communication.

SALTY  —  bitter, upset, resentful, displeased. “She was salty when she discovered that her friends were invited to the party but she wasn’t.”

SQUAD  —  group of  people with a common identity or bond. “My squad is going to the movies tonight.” Also FAM.

SWERVE  —  avoid an unpleasant encounter. “I swerved when I saw my ex walking down the street.”  Reject. “Billy got so boring on dates I had to swerve him.” Girl: “Can I have a French fry?” Guy: “No. You never share your food with me. Swerve!”

TALK  —  get acquainted with someone before dating. “Jordan and Kate are talking, but I don’t think that Kate is ready to date yet.”

THOTTY  —  sleazy. “That dress is a little thotty.”

THROW SHADE  —  snidely or subtly disrespect  or insult. “He was throwing major shade at my Halloween outfit.”

TURNT/TURNT UP —  extremely exciting or fun. “Tomorrow’s party is gonna be turnt/turnt up.”  Also LIT.  Drunk. “We went out Thursday night and got so turnt.”

WOKE  —  aware of social injustices. “I’m taking a class on Native American history and cultures, and now I’m woke.”

YAAAS!  —  Yes!  Length of the vowel in pronunciation or number of  a’s and s’s in writing indicates the degree of excitement. “Yaass! I got a 99 on my Biology midterm!”

YEET!  —  hallelujah! “The teacher pushed the test back to next week?  Yeet!” Yes. Girl: “Wanna go get dinner?”  Guy: “Yeet. I’m starving.”  Also YE, YEETMAS.

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