What college students should buy at IKEA

What college students should buy at IKEA

IKEA is coming to Cary. Here are seven things worth buying for your dorm room or apartment. (Get some Swedish meatballs, too.)

Above, photo from the News & Observer.

Did you hear? IKEA is coming to Cary. We now know where every college student and their families will be on move-in day.

The trick to navigating IKEA without losing your mind (or your family members) is to have a plan. Know what you want — and know what to avoid. These seven things will work well in a dorm or apartment, don’t cost too much and will last you at least through graduation.

KALLAX shelves. Screenshot from IKEA website.

KALLAX shelves, starting at $34.99

You can stack these in a million different ways. Use them to store books or clothes, or use them to display photos and knickknacks.

RIBBA frames. Screenshot from IKEA website.

RIBBA frames, starting at $1.99

Posters tacked directly to the wall? So college. Posters in frames on the wall? So much better.

MALM dressers. Screenshot from IKEA website.

MALM dressers, starting at $49.99

You never know how much you’ll miss those horribly ugly dorm dressers until you move into your first unfurnished apartment. These are cheap and much nicer looking — and you can buy different sizes.

IMMELN shower basket. Screenshot from IKEA website.

IMMELN shower basket, $9.99

Use it to separate your shampoo from your roommates’ in the shower — or to store stuff in your kitchen or above your desk.

VARDO underbed storage. Screenshot from IKEA website.

VARDO underbed storage, $29.99

Underbed storage is gold when you’re trying to cram all your clothes into a small space.

IKEA 365+ food storage containers. Screenshot from IKEA website.

IKEA 365+ food storage, starting at $1.99

Take snacks to campus. Keep your food separate from your roommates’. Decant that giant box of Cheerios into smaller portions. So cheap, so useful. (IKEA’s new motto?)

HEAT trivets. Screenshot from IKEA website.

HEAT cork trivets, $3.99

They’re supposed to be used in the kitchen, but they also make a cute place to tack up photos and other mementos.

Pressley Baird

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