College Town’s weekend playlist, vol. 31: Spring has sprung

College Town’s weekend playlist, vol. 31: Spring has sprung

Take one look around campus and you'll see buds blooming, bees buzzing and backs beginning to sweat. This week's playlist is full of songs about spring.

Above, photo by Amanda Nguyen for College Town.

Everywhere you look on campus, the signs of spring of showing. Buds are blooming, bees are buzzing and backs are beginning to sweat.

But springtime is about more than just beautiful weather and scenery. Spring is the time to let go and try new things. Spring is the season of love. And most importantly, spring is the time to drive with your windows down to some good tunes.

This week’s playlist is jam-packed with songs for the season. You can check out each track and a sample of the spring lyrics below, or click here for the entire playlist.

Hang Loose, by Alabama Shakes

“Put them worries on the shelf, learn to love yourself, don’t be your own worst enemy. Hang loose. Let the ocean worry about being blue.”

Blue Sky, by The Allman Brothers Band

“You’re my blue sky, you’re my sunny day. Lord you know it makes me high when you turn your love my way.”

Cayucos, by Cayucas

“Did you see me up there looking down below? The waves come in so slow. Saying oh my God, I think I’m falling in love.”

No Matter Where We Go, by Whitney

“I bought a trash heap two-seat what did we know? So don’t you feel lonely no matter where we go. I want to take you out. I want drive around with you with the windows down, and we can run all night.”

I’m a Welder, by Daniel Norgren

“Back home where I’m bound—where there’s music and crickets in my ears all night. She said she likes what she sees though I’m quite ugly and not much of a dancer. Where the moon is like a big old apple and the liquor comes from the woods—home where I’m bound.”

Comb My Hair, by Coast Modern

“Wavy designs and ripples in time. It’s a feeling of emotion that I just can’t describe. It’s swinging from vines, eating lemons and limes. We’re two waves in the ocean. Won’t you just comb my hair?”

1000 years, by Yukon Blonde

“You look back to me with the gold in the sun. Your diamonds are stars girl, my girl is enough. She’s a dream girl behind the scenes. She’s the one meant to feel me. She’s the one behind the sun shining on.”

Flowers In Your Hair, by The Lumineers

“When we were younger we thought everyone was on our side. Then we grew a little and romanticized the time I saw flowers in your hair.”

Ryan Wilusz

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