The Cameron crow’s nest at Duke is gone

The Cameron crow’s nest at Duke is gone

The iconic crow's nest at Cameron Indoor, Duke's basketball stadium, came down this summer. Broadcasters and reporters have a new place to sit.

The crow’s nest at Cameron Indoor is no more.

It’s been part of the stadium since the 1970s, and it’s where broadcasters, reporters and auction winners sit during Duke games. But it’s only accessible by removable metal steps that are raised and lowered during each game.

Duke is doing several athletic facilities upgrades and decided to make the change this summer. The school put in a temporary structure — which is not suspended from the ceiling — this summer.

The temporary booth, shown above, replaces the crow’s nest. Photo by Bernard Thomas for the Herald-Sun.

A new permanent structure — with permanent steps — will be completed by next basketball season.

You can read more about the crow’s nest — including some broadcasters’ experiences in it — here.

Pressley Baird

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