Know a cancer patient? Duke’s new app can help

Know a cancer patient? Duke’s new app can help

Know someone going through cancer? Duke's new app, the Cancer Distress Coach, can help them work through the PTSD symptoms they may experience.

Above, Sophia Smith, a researcher and professor at Duke’s School of Nursing, helped create the app. Photo by Casey Toth for the Durham Herald-Sun.

Know someone going through cancer?

Duke’s new app — the Cancer Distress Coach — can help.

The app helps cancer patients and survivors deal with the post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms they often face during and after cancer treatments. Many cancer patients have flashbacks to the effects of their treatments, nightmares about cancer recurring and anxiety and fear surrounding the disease. It’s similar to what a war veteran might experience.

The app walks users through relaxation and deep breathing exercise, which can help release tight muscles and an anxious mind.

Users can download the app on Android and iOS. Read more about it, including one woman’s story, from Colin Warren-Hicks here.

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