Take a look at Durham housing inequality in this new exhibit

Take a look at Durham housing inequality in this new exhibit
Looking at the roots of modern day housing inequality in Durham.

The exhibition examines Durham's past of racial and economic discrimination, highlighting the roots of modern day housing inequality.

Above: Onlookers read about the history of housing inequality in Durham at Bull City 150’s opening exhibition. Photo by Julia Donheiser.

Uneven Ground: The Foundations of Housing Inequality in Durham, NC” delves into the history of Durham — from its establishment on land stolen from Native Americans to broken promises of urban renewal through the 20th century.The exhibition, organized by Bull City 150, uses audio, historic maps and storytelling to highlight the complex route to housing inequality today.

“The whole idea is to look at the history of Durham from an intersectional perspective,” said Kimber Heinz, the exhibition project manager. “The history of housing relates to the history of education, which relates to the history of environmental justice and mass incarceration.”

As Durham gears up for its municipal elections, the exhibition also provides context for the conversation on affordable housing among mayoral candidates.

“We’re trying to create this exhibit to support legislators, advocates and people doing policy work now in creating better policies that are not ignoring this history,” Heinz said. “If they’re creating a new policy and it doesn’t have a racial equity lens, it’s just not going to work.”

The exhibition will be open to the public next on Oct. 20, from 6-9 p.m. at the MDC Gallery in Downtown Durham, located at 307 West Main St. For more information about future events on housing inequality in Durham, see Bull City 150’s events listings.

Julia Donheiser

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