Could there be special housing for female students of color at NC State?

Could there be special housing for female students of color at NC State?

N.C. State's new multicultural affairs director suggested giving women of color their own residence hall. The internet didn't love that idea.

Above, Nashia Whittenburg. Photo courtesy of N.C. State.

It’s just an idea, but it’s already causing drama.

Nashia Whittenburg, the new director of multicultural student affairs at N.C. State, suggested creating a special residence hall (aka living and learning village) for female students of color.

Whittenburg made the suggestion in an Aug. 1 profile story of her posted on N.C. State’s website. Here’s what she said:

“The point and purpose is if you are a Latina and you are an engineering major, with a very specific specialization, you may not ever see anybody who looks like you. But when you come home, here is your opportunity to get some support and to deal with some of the microaggressions you might have had to deal with throughout your entire day when you’ve been at class.”

(You can read the whole NCSU story here.)

Certain parts of the internet didn’t like that idea. Conservative campus reform sites and several commenters said the idea wouldn’t prepare students for working in a diverse world and compared it to segregation.

So is it going to happen?

No, said Mike Mullen, N.C. State’s vice chancellor and dean for academic and student affairs. But he pointed out that N.C. State does have 14 residence halls (aka villages) with “themes” — including a hall for Native American students and one for the university’s Black Male Initiative. There are also two halls for women only.

Read more about Whittenburg and the N.C. State learning villages in Jane Stancill’s story here.

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