Harrelson Hall is no more (sort of)

Harrelson Hall is no more (sort of)

The spot formerly known as Harrelson Hall on N.C. State's campus is now a landscaped area with benches and a walking path.

Above, photo of Harrelson Hall’s before and after by Chuck Liddy for the News & Observer.

Bye forever, weird UFO building.

Over the summer, Harrelson Hall on N.C. State’s campus was demolished. In late February, the area was landscaped and opened to students.

It was a highly respected building when it opened in 1961, but over time, students grew to hate its lack of light and tiny bathroom stalls. But it could hold up to 4,500 students, and it was the most-used academic building in the UNC system for several decades.

Read here about why we’re not all that sad to say goodbye to Harrelson. And read more here about how the materials from Harrelson are still being used on campus. (We just can’t quit you.)

Pressley Baird

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