How to get an A in summer classes at NC State

How to get an A in summer classes at NC State

Contributor Iman Usmani shares her four best tips for getting an A in your summer session classes at North Carolina State.

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Summer classes can be pretty hard to keep up with. If you’re at N.C. State, you have to complete an entire course in only five weeks. I took two classes this past summer session and have some tips on how to keep up with your work over the summer.

Take advantage of your small class size.

In a smaller class, you have more of a chance to get your professor’s attention. If you need help, you can easily take advantage of your professor’s office hours. I know that this past summer session, I spent time in office hours just going over Webassign questions and ultimately getting all the answers by working it out with my professor.

Make friends with the people around you right off the bat.

Sometimes, your classmates are the best resources for succeeding in a class. I got the phone numbers of various people sitting around me on the first day, which was super convenient when I had questions about the homework or the practice tests. Ultimately, I need to give at least a little credit to those folks for helping me keep up-to-date with my work over the fast-paced summer.

Do the homework as you learn the material.

I was in two math classes this summer session. With any math class comes loads and loads of homework problems. This is actually useful during a summer session. Don’t skip out on the homework. Doing it actually helps solidify the concepts in your head, and you won’t have to cram the night before your (inevitably) weekly exams.

Make “cheat sheets” for every test to look back on for the final.

I wrote down the major concepts from each exam section on one sheet of paper. That was super helpful when studying for the final exam. It was good to look back on when I was doing the problems on the practice exams. In the end of the session, I had all the cheat sheets I made from the previous exams and used this to refresh my memory on what would be on the final. Worked like a charm.

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