How to get through the fast part of NC State’s fall semester

How to get through the fast part of NC State’s fall semester

Post-Thanksgiving but pre-exams, things can get crazy at N.C. State. Here's how to manage the quick part of fall semester.

Above: Students study at N.C. State. Photo by Amanda Nguyen.

N.C. State’s academic calendar can get pretty crazy around this time of year. We have about one week of classes left until Thanksgiving break. Then, after a nice and lengthy break, we have one week of classes left … and then BOOM. It’s Exam Time.

This quick pace at the end of the semester can really creep up on people, especially when all of our classes have final projects and tests. It’s important to keep track of what’s going on. Here are some pointers on how to make sure you stay on top of your stuff during the fast part of the semester.

Make lists.

It’s good to list everything out that you need to get done and their due dates. It’s great to use a planner for your stuff. But making a separate list with exactly what has to get done in this short period of time can be more beneficial, since you will get a snapshot of your immediate responsibilities. Also, it’s really satisfying to cross things off as you get them done!

Work out.

I know: It’s hard to remember to get a work out in when you have so much going on. But getting some exercise in during this busy time can help you concentrate and be more efficient in each sit-down study session. Also, try getting some easy studying done on the walking treadmills at Carmichael! It’s the perfect time to go over flashcards or quick notes.


While getting things done in order of when they’re due is always a good strategy, it’s also good to look ahead and determine which assignments or tests may need more attention. Prioritize these and know that it’s okay miss a question or two on a homework assignment when you should be studying for the important final test.

Working on organizing yourself for this short time period will be beneficial in the long run because you can be more efficient and finish the semester off strong!

Iman Usmani

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