How to talk to your professors (pro tip: politely)

How to talk to your professors (pro tip: politely)

If you're wondering why your emails to professors go unanswered, your informal tone might have something to do with it, says one UNC prof.

Photo by the News & Observer.

You can’t treat your professors like they’re your friends, UNC professor Molly Worthen says.

Because, well, they’re not.

Does this sound like a case of a professor being an old fogey? Well, maybe. But consider this: Using your big-kid manners will help you in the workplace. It also shows that you respect your professors no matter their age, race or gender.

You can read Worthen’s full column in the New York Times here. And if you want to learn how to step up your email etiquette game (as you send notes to all the professors whose classes you’re trying to get into this fall), you can see her etiquette tips here.

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