Morgan’s take: College Town celebrates one year

Morgan’s take: College Town celebrates one year

Contributor Morgan Howard remembers her favorite College Town stories and tells us why she loves writing about UNC and Chapel Hill.

Above, students on UNC’s campus. Photo by Robert Kinlaw.

I love working for College Town because I can write about any topic I choose and it can be personal or objective.

My first piece for College Town was a series on my journey with mental health. I had never shared that side of me before, but I am so glad I did. By allowing myself to be vulnerable and admit that everything wasn’t always okay, I encouraged others to do the same and seek help if they needed it.

I can write about anything which can sometimes be daunting but often is rewarding. The idea for two of my most-read stories — “The best and worst classes to take at UNC” and “Is grad school for you?” — simply came from things I was wondering myself.

The best feeling as a writer is someone reading your work and telling you how much they appreciate it. For me, it is reaffirming that I am not the only one who could benefit from more information on a topic. I love that with College Town, I can research a topic I curious about or write a post about my own experience, and both are encouraged.

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