Where NC State alum Ashley Christensen eats in Raleigh

Where NC State alum Ashley Christensen eats in Raleigh

Find out where North Carolina State alumna and award-winning chef Ashley Christensen eats in Raleigh, from the new app CurEat.

Above, Ashley Christensen at Poole’s Diner. Photo by Travis Long for the News & Observer.

In the food world, Ashley Christensen is one of N.C. State’s best-known alumnae. She owns five restaurants in downtown Raleigh and won a James Beard award — basically a food Oscar — in 2014. You can read more about Christensen here. (And you need to know about her macaroni and cheese recipe. “Delicious” doesn’t do it justice.)

So where does the former Wolfpack student eat? On the new app CurEat, she’s picked her top 15 restaurants in Raleigh (and Nashville and New Orleans, if you’re planning a trip anytime soon). Read more about CurEat here.

Here’s where Christensen grabs a bite in the Oak City.

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