Talking to NC Central’s Class of 2021

Talking to NC Central’s Class of 2021

Contributor Kaylee Sciacca interviewed five N.C. Central freshmen to ask them about their decision to come to NCCU and their expectations of the future.

Members of North Carolina Central University’s freshman class of 2021 and their families wait to move in Baynes Residence Hall on August 10, 2017. Photo by Kaylee Sciacca.

During First-Year Residence Hall Move-In on August 10, we interviewed five N.C. Central freshmen to ask them about their decision to come to NCCU and their hopes for what their first weekend on campus (better known as Eagle Mania) holds.

What attracted you to NCCU?

Erikah Moore, biomedical sciences major from Washington, D.C.: “Honestly, I applied to a lot of schools and got in, but NCCU was the least expensive one I got into. I looked into the programs that (NCCU) offers and saw biomedical sciences, which is close enough to what I want to do: biological anthropology.”

David Dickens, business administration major from Goldsboro, N.C.: “Most definitely the business program — I’d heard it was pretty great and that settled my decision to come here.”

Tanizhia Kimble, pharmaceutical sciences major from Charlotte, N.C.: “Mostly the band, and my boyfriend was supposed to come here as well. I’m not in the band this year, but I’ll be there next year (in the dance auxiliary).”

D’Anthony Foster, sports medicine major from Fayetteville, N.C.: “I felt like it was a family here and it was one of the first colleges I was accepted into.”

Veronica Flowe, business major from Concord, N.C.: “One of my friends goes here and told me all about it. I checked it out at their open house, and I ended up really liking this school.”

How has the NCCU community treated you so far (over social media, during orientation, alumni outreach, etc.)?

EM: “Well, orientation was very interesting, to say the least — the SOAR (Student Orientation, Advising and Registration) leaders were very nice. Ayanna Holmes — she’s a sophomore here who’s going to do social work — (she) is like a sister to me. We knew each other back at home.”

DD: “Orientation was great. I came in a little shy, but I know a lot more people and things about Central now. The main people to help me out were the SOAR leaders, showing me a lot of places around campus and helping me enjoy it.”

TK: “(Orientation) was really good and I liked it a lot. My SOAR leader, Tukii (Tucker), he was amazing. He really helped me get the feel of what it’s going to be like. My grandmother also went to school here.”

DA: “I had fun; I felt like it was a family as soon as I got here and felt very welcome. I knew people beforehand that go here and wanted me to come.”

VF: “Orientation was fun; there was a lot of information given and I learned a lot that I hadn’t known previously. Jessica Watson, my SOAR leader, was really helpful.”

What Eagle Mania event(s) are you looking forward to the most this weekend?

EM: “I’m not sure. I’m really interested in meeting my roommate first, so I’ll start with that. It’s kind of a mystery, putting a face to the name. There’s also another girl from orientation; we’re supposed to do the whole week together, so that will be cool.”

DD: “I’m looking forward to meeting more people, getting connected, and understanding more about the campus.”

TK: “Fun events around campus and meeting new people.”

DA: “Growing and looking forward to meeting more people.”

VF: “Fun before I have to get ready for classes. We’ll see how much fun it is pretty soon!”

Kaylee Sciacca

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