Here’s a guide to living on campus at UNC

Here’s a guide to living on campus at UNC

After your first year at UNC, the decision of where to live on campus can be tough. Here's a quick guide to all of the non-first year dorms at UNC.

After your first year at UNC, you’re tasked with a big decision: where to live in the following years. The housing deadline is quickly approaching, so if you decide to live on campus, here’s a guide that can lead you in the right direction when looking at dorms.

Carmichael Community

Location: On Stadium Drive near Fetzer Field and Kessing Outdoor Pool

Residence halls: Carmichael

Style: Suite

Time of walk to Pit: 5 minutes

Fun fact: Carmichael has over 50 single rooms available, so if you’re interested in the amenities on-campus living has to offer while living in your own room, Carmichael is a great option.

Cobb Community

Location: Across Country Club Road from Forest Theater

Residence halls: Cobb

Style: Hall

Time of walk to Pit: 5 minutes

Fun fact: Cobb is home to the Pride Place Residential Learning Program, which is dedicated to the academic success and personal wellness of residents of all sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions at UNC. It’s also the closest dorm to Cobb parking deck, which is super useful if you have any visitors on the weekend.

Connor Community

Location: Across Raleigh Street from Davis Library

Residence halls: Alexander, Connor, Joyner and Winston

Style: Hall

Time of walk to Pit: 2 minutes

Fun fact: This community is perfectly located between the SRC, the Quad, Davis Library and the Student Union. I lived here my sophomore year and I so dearly miss being able to wake up 15 minutes before my first class. 10/10 would recommend.

Kenan Community

Location: On north campus across from Coker Arboretum

Residence halls: Alderman, Kenan, McIver and Spencer

Style: Hall

Time of walk to Pit: 7 minutes

Fun fact: Kenan is an all-female residence hall, and McIver is home to the Women Experiencing Learning and Leadership (WELL) Residential Learning Program. Kenan Community is considered one of the most beautiful and inviting communities at UNC. All of the dorms on the Kenan quad have front porches with rocking chairs that are perfect study spots for any student looking for a change of scenery.

Morrison Community

Location: South campus

Residence halls: Morrison

Style: Suite

Time of walk to Pit: 12 minutes

Fun fact: The top three floors of Morrison were converted into SuperSuites, floor plans where six students share one bathroom and a common living area. Morrison was also recently renovated to install solar panels and energy consumption monitors, which make it the only “green” residence hall on campus.

Olde Campus Lower Quad Community

Location: Corner of Country Club Road and Raleigh Street

Residence halls: Aycock, Everett, Graham, Lewis and Stacy

Style: Hall

Time of walk to Pit: 5 minutes

Fun fact: Home to the Olde Dirty Bash, one of Carolina Housing’s largest end-of-year celebrations. The event includes free food, t-shirts and live music.

Olde Campus Upper Quad Community

Location: Four dorms are in a quad on the corner of Cameron Avenue and Raleigh Street and two surround the Old Well

Residence halls: Grimes, Mangum, Manly, Old East, Old West and Ruffin

Style: Hall

Time of walk to Pit: 2 minutes

Fun fact: Old East and Old West were the first buildings built on a state university campus, so if you’re a history buff, Upper Quad is the place for you. Also, everyone knows that Michael Jordan lived in Old East, so if you choose Upper Quad, there’s a chance you could live in his room.

Parker Community

Location: Middle campus on corner of Ridge Road and Stadium Drive

Residence halls: Avery, Teague and Parker

Style: Suite

Time of walk to Pit: 10 minutes

Fun fact: Parker Community is great for sports fans. Avery is situated right next to the baseball field, and Parker and Teague have the soccer, lacrosse and field hockey fields right in their backyards. Parker Community is also very close to Rams Head Dining Hall and Rams Head Gym.

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