Pastor Hillary Clinton? Here’s what her Duke alum spiritual adviser says

Pastor Hillary Clinton? Here’s what her Duke alum spiritual adviser says

Pastor Hillary? Here's the advice her spiritual adviser -- a Duke alum -- gave the former presidential candidate when she said she'd like to preach.

Above, Hillary Clinton at a North Carolina campaign stop during the 2016 presidential campaign. Photo by Chuck Liddy for the News & Observer.

Hillary Clinton often talked about her Methodist faith during the 2016 presidential campaign. Could that be the inspiration for her next career move?

Bill Shillady got his master’s in divinity from Duke in 1981. He’s known the Clintons since 2002, and he sent Hillary Clinton a morning devotional every day for almost two years while she was running for president. Shillady sent 635 devotionals in all.

Shillady made those devotionals into a book, which will be released next week. During a photo shoot for the book, Clinton mentioned to him that she’d like to do some preaching. (Preaching without becoming ordained — or “lay preaching” — is common in the Methodist church.)

Shillady’s reaction?

“She knows her Methodist history. She would be a good expositor of the Bible. The way she has advocated for the disenfranchised and the poor in our nation stems from her Methodist upbringing and her understanding of the Methodist heritage of being a member of society and caring for others. And talk about life experience. She could write her own book about that.”

Read more about Shillady’s experiences with Clinton in Martha Quillin’s story here.

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