Tar Heel Bred: Meet Julie McClintock

Tar Heel Bred: Meet Julie McClintock

Meet Julie McClintock, one of the founders of the Chapel Hill Alliance for a Livable Town, in this week's Tar Heel Bred by Austin Goins.

Above: Julie McClintock. Photo by Austin Goins.

Behind every pair of eyes that wander across the Pit, every heart that pumps in time with the Bell Tower chimes and every ear that harks the sound of Tar Heel voices, there’s a story. Each human being in Chapel Hill is made up of little moments, big and small, that brought them to wherever they may be. Tar Heel Bred is a weekly project that sheds light on those moments through a photograph and a quote. Each week, a new Chapel Hillian will be featured with a story, quoted straight from them, about the moments that make up their lives. Here’s to them.

Julie McClintock, Chapel Hill Alliance for a Livable Town

McClintock has lived in Chapel Hill for 45 years and has grown a passion for the way of life here. She values the town for its affordable housing, college-town character and small businesses, but she feels that all of that is being threatened by large developments being built. In 2014, McClintock, along with friends, started the Chapel Hill Alliance for a Livable Town to advocate for what they believe Chapel Hill is all about.

“This is happening all over Durham and Raleigh … everywhere. Chapel Hill is special. It has a lot of trees, and it’s been known for taking growth management seriously and doing it carefully and environmentally until now.”

Austin Goins

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