Tar Heel Bred: Rahul Nathan

Tar Heel Bred: Rahul Nathan

Meet Rahul Nathan, a UNC student and the latest spotlight in Austin Goins' Tar Heel Bred series. Nathan talks about how he is often misunderstood.

Above: Rahul Nathan. Photo by Austin Goins.

Behind every pair of eyes that wander across the Pit, every heart that pumps in time with the Bell Tower chimes and every ear that harks the sound of Tar Heel voices, there’s a story. Each human being in Chapel Hill is made up of little moments, big and small, that brought them to wherever they may be. Tar Heel Bred is a weekly project that sheds light on those moments through a photograph and a quote. Each week, a new Chapel Hillian will be featured with a story, quoted straight from them, about the moments that make up their lives. Here’s to them.

Rahul Nathan, senior, computer science major

From: West Palm Beach, F.L.

In Chapel Hill: attends the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

I asked Nathan what most people probably wouldn’t understand about him. He said that most people see him as a closed book and a bit apathetic, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“I really do care for people and think about making them happy. However, I’m not the best at vocalizing my feelings or doing anything to show them. I remember the small details in conversations and try to open up to people, but there’s a fine line between being excited about people and being really awkward. There’s a saying that the world judges you by your actions, not your intentions, but for people like me, just know I mean well.”

Austin Goins

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