Tar Heel Bred: Sam Desautels

Tar Heel Bred: Sam Desautels

Meet Sam Desautels, a UNC student who transferred in from Marquette University. Hear about his academic regrets and what he wished he'd done differently.

Above: Sam Desautels. Photo by Austin Goins.

Behind every pair of eyes that wander across the Pit, every heart that pumps in time with the Bell Tower chimes and every ear that harks the sound of Tar Heel voices, there’s a story. Each human being in Chapel Hill is made up of little moments, big and small, that brought them to wherever they may be. Tar Heel Bred is a weekly project that sheds light on those moments through a photograph and a quote. Each week, a new Chapel Hillian will be featured with a story, quoted straight from them, about the moments that make up their lives. Here’s to them.

Sam Desautels, sophomore, strategic communication major

From: Burlington, Vermont

In Chapel Hill: attends the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Desautels transferred to UNC-CH from Marquette University in Wisconsin. He says transferring was tough, but he has bigger regrets regarding academics than that.

“I actually regret not pursuing a minor in business or entrepreneurship. I knew that I didn’t want to be in the medical field or STEM because I’m terrible at math and analyzing data. Classes at the School of Media and Journalism was where I finally realized what I was good at — connection with people and telling their stories. I didn’t pursue anything in business because I knew it would be very hard for me. Classes like economics just don’t make sense to me. But hey, with the resources out there in the world, I can still learn on my own and teach myself some business fundamentals.”

Austin Goins

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