A UNC course on big-time college sports is coming back

A UNC course on big-time college sports is coming back

Professor Jay Smith's controversial course on big-time college sports (which includes lessons on UNC's own paper class scandal) is coming back to UNC.

Above: Photo from the News & Observer.

Jay Smith’s controversial class on big-time college sports is coming back to UNC.

As News & Observer reporter Jane Stancill writes:

“Smith is an outspoken critic of the UNC leadership and its handling of the 18-year athletic and academic scandal involving ‘paper classes’ in African studies that never met and required little work for students, many of whom were athletes. He co-wrote a 2015 book about it, titled ‘Cheated.’ Content about the UNC scandal was part of his course, which also covered the rise of the NCAA, athletic scholarships, women’s participation in sports and issues around race and sports.”

Smith first taught the class in 2016, but it wasn’t scheduled for the 2017-18 school year. Emails from UNC professors and administrators showed that the department was worried about pushback if they scheduled the class regularly. You can read those emails here.

Interested in taking the class? Look for it next academic year. It’s called History 383: Big-Time College Sports and the Rights of Athletes, 1956 to the Present.

Pressley Baird

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