This UNC grad student doesn’t let muscular dystrophy stop her

This UNC grad student doesn’t let muscular dystrophy stop her

Demi Deckoff was told she'd never attend college. Now, she's working through the public health graduate school program at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Above: Demi Deckoff listens during class.

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Demi Deckoff is a graduate student at UNC. She lives on her own and is working toward her master’s in public health.

And she does it all with muscular dystrophy.

Demi, who is originally from Alabama, was told by Alabama government officials she had no chance at attending a university. Demi did attend college — graduating with a 4.1 GPA — and moved to North Carolina to start graduate school.

She gets help for everyday things — making dinner, raising her hand in class, taking medicine — from personal aides. She’s had more than 100 personal aides since she arrived in Chapel Hill a year ago. Most of them have morphed from aide to friend.

As one friend puts it: “The only thing that Demi can’t do is move.”

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