This UNC professor can tell you how to be happier

This UNC professor can tell you how to be happier

Need more joy in your life? Use this UNC social psychology professor's tips, featured in a new article from Time magazine.

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Need more joy in your life?

(We’ll answer for you: Yes. You’re a stressed-out college student. You could use a little joy.)

This UNC professor has some tips on how to find it, in a new story from Time magazine. (Though she does say college kids aren’t quite as worried about this as, say, their parents, because “in college your friends make sure you’re OK.”)

Barbara Fredrickson is a social psychologist at UNC. Her big tip? Know what makes you happy.

Here’s what she said:

“A key to steering your own happiness is reflecting on the things that make you come alive,” Fredrickson says.

What do you love? Getting coffee with friends? Walking through the quad on a beautiful sunny day? Cheering on your school’s teams? Reading something that’s not required? Decide what you love and prioritize ways to include those (often) small things in your days.

You can read the full story here.

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