The Tar Heels are national champions

The Tar Heels are national champions

Here's everything you need to read and watch to relive last night's UNC Tar Heel men's basketball national championship win.

Above, photo from the News and Observer.

Cause we got a really big team, and they got some really big rings. (With apologies to Drake.)

Here’s everything you need to read and watch to relive last night’s Tar Heel national championship win.

UNC won its sixth (or seventh, if you count 1924) national championship, 71-65 over Gonzaga. It was sloppy, but it was a win. Read Andrew Carter’s story here.

All five starters touched the ball in the final seconds last night. As Luke DeCock says: “It was like everyone had to get a piece of it, the redemption they sought for so long, finally at hand.” Read his story here.

Thousands of people flooded Franklin Street last night, screaming and lighting things on fire and filming it all on their phones. Read Henry Gargan’s story here.

You’ll want to watch that video above. It’s a timelapse of the last few seconds of the game, with an emotional Joel Berry narrating. (It’s by Ethan Hyman.)

And, of course, Twitter had something to say. See social media reactions here.

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